Tag Heuer Replica Watches UK

I ordered a £300 watch, you said you could not supply the £300 watch and offered a £120 watch. I accepted this. The difference in the price is £180. That is the refund unless you can supply the £300 watch. I think I have made a mistake, my £300 watch tag heuer replica uk is being delivered, the Tag Heuer is the one you changed same price, and the white Tag Heuer is being delivered as ladies watch. This is the first replica tag heuer I ordered and paid £294.60 in March. Can you let me know when to expect delivery on this. I also bought two more watches the Tag Heuer which you did not have in stock so I accepted the change, and also a white Tag Heuer ladies watch making three tag heuer replica watches in total. I thought I might have received the first one by now the order below see copy, that order was placed in March and the other two orders were placed in April.

This message is in reference to my order number 130601467 that I sent back to you to exchange from a metal watch band to a rubber watch band. You haven't responded as to if you have received the tag heuer replica sale package yet which the US postal tracking says that the package was delivered. I only want my watch back that was paid for. Could you please respond in reference to the order. I wanted to order more items for my store but I want to receive this order back first. Since I had the watch repaired myself and did not send it back, is the 30% off on my next purchase available. I am currently looking to purchase another watch. If I order online with Credit Card how do I get the 20% discount as promised? Please check message history to see what I'm talking about. I was promised a 20% discount due to issues I had with the first tag heuer replica uk I purchased.