Omega Replica Watches UK

Purchased the omega replica uk a month agao. It appears to be defective as the watch will lose as much as 6 hours a day. Being the fact that I have had this watch for less than a month. I would appreciate it if it could be replaced. However I must say this is unacceptable. I purchase a defective replica omega watch form your company, you ask me to bring it to a jeweler, absorbe the cost of the repair. If in fact it can be repaired for a discount on a future purchase. I must say that I am very disappointed in the way this is being handled. At this point I would question considering purchasing another watch. What your asking makes no sense. I purchased the omega replica sale from your company, it is clearly defective and your asking me to bring it to a jewler and then I'll get a 30% discount on my next purchase. This repair could cost more than I paid for the watch. I must say I am totally dissatisfied with the way this has been handled. With that being said, why would I consider odering another watch in the future.

You are giving me a $10 towards a new watch. Please can you tell me how much more I now owe you. Will you then automatically take the additional amount due from my card? Please can you advise me when I can then expect delivery of the two omega replica watches(Omega ladies and men's). I am still waiting for an answer to all my emails I have sent you regarding the refund to my card of £180.26 for payment I made for two watches that I ordered but you did not have in stock and therefore I had to cancel the omega replica uk order in full. You said on the 24th March via email that you would refund asap. I am still awaiting a refund onto my card. Nobody is replying to any of my emails. Is your company still there ? I would appreciate a reply please. Can someone please email me just to let me know what is going on. I cannot afford to just pay money out for nothing.